Google I/O 2010: Thoughts and Comments

This is really rough, pretty much a brain dump of thoughts bouncing around in my head after I got home. Apologies… please comment if you want me to expand on anything!

Equality and Whatnot
-more women in the audience than expected but so few female presenters
-demographics info?
-curious about developer gender breakdown w/in Google?

Social Web:
-“Social” problem is not solved
-more room for innovation
-niche markets are where it’s at: FB/etc. are a one-size-fits-all that really doesn’t work for anybody
-privacy is a BIG ISSUE
-how much to share?
-how much to share automatically?
-goal is interoperability, path is open standards
-niche sites satisfy ppl’s need for keeping multiple personas separate
-ppl most comfortable sharing “professional” persona, i.e. LinkedIn

-OMG phones!
-Nexus One: very slick. Like it. Interface fairly intuitive, mostly homogeneous. Works in Canada with Fido… except for 3g (EDGE only on their network)
-HTC EVO 4g: OMG <3. Big == good. Gorgeous screen. Feels very responsive. I can has unlock?
-Exciting time to be developing for Android
-platform gaining momentum
-App store changes will make it more accessible; nice to sit @ computer and browse apps on a big screen
-Flash on Android: open platform supporting proprietary product, unlike Apple, a closed platform refusing to support closed product
-"inclusivity"/"openness": we will see.

Chrome/GWT/Google Apps
-lots of neat demos
-GWT is pronounced "gwit", btw
-need to play with these tools and see what I can make

-it is the way and the future
-Amazing demos
-major browsers should support 5 by end of 2010
-looks like it will replace some instances of flagrant and unnecessary Flash (yay)

-two days didn’t seem like enough… but it was exhausting
-definitely worth it; will consider going next year for sure
-best part: listening to Vic Gundotra slag Apple for being closed
-best demo: Sports Illustrated’s new online interface. Wow, talk about geared to users’ activities.
-annoyance: keynotes were WAY TOO LONG and threw off session schedules
-what I can apply to my work at the ETCL: better knowledge of web standards, ideas for how user interfaces can be tailored to the specific needs of their users; contacts in Google who are interested in what we do… and excitement over what we can do with all these cool new toys :)


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