I <3 My Purebred Dog (and my shelter dog)

I keep tabs on the local classifieds sites, mainly seeing if there are Belgians being advertised and in need of rescue. Unfortunately, I can’t help but notice the various scams connected with “rescue” dogs.

Like the ad which said “Rescue puppies for adoption” and proceeded to explain that the parents of the pups were on-site for viewing, had been rescued themselves (from what?), and were going to be fixed after “this one litter”. I call bullshit… that’s not rescue. That’s using a fad to sell your overpriced mutts.

I have a purebred dog. I love purebreds. I love the predictability inherent in purebreds. I love breeders of purebred dogs, especially the breeder Castle is from. There is nothing wrong with purebred dogs or the breeding of them, except according to radical animal rights groups whose stated goals include the eradication of all pets.

I have had mutts in the past. I loved those mutts. There is nothing wrong with mutts–and to be honest, there is nothing wrong with breeding mutts, if the breeder is educated, responsible, and puts the time and money into planning and raising the pups well. There’s nothing wrong with getting a mutt from a shelter, or a private rescue, either. Those dogs need homes just as much as any.

What’s wrong is intentionally breeding a litter, and then labeling them “rescues” just to tug on peoples’ heartstrings. They aren’t rescues. They were intentionally brought into the world; hopefully the reasoning is something other than “well, Fluffy and Mr. Studly are such nice dogs and we could use some cash”.

There is nothing wrong with breeding when the intentions are good: the necessary checks are done, the breeder has clear goals for the outcome of the breeding, and will provide a lifetime of support to puppy buyers. If you bring a life into this world, you are responsible.


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